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Wallpaper Flora & Fauna: "Mouflon"

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Two mouflons (Ovis orientalis) at the Goldau zoo. These fierce looking animals are thought to be ancestors to our modern sheep.

This image was made by Mark van Laere during 2009 at Goldau, Switzerland.
Some keywords to the image are Mouflon, Ovis orientalis, sheep, horns, fierce, animal, nature, zoo


Twee mouflons (Ovis orientalis) in de dierentuin van Goldau. Deze stoere dieren zijn mogelijk de voorouders van onze moderne schapen.

Door: Mark van Laere, 2009 - Lokatie: Goldau, Switzerland.
Keywords: mouflon, Ovis orientalis, schapen, hoorns, dieren, natuur, dierentuin.

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