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Wallpaper Real Spinsels: "No Smoking 2"

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'No Smoking 2'

No smoking, or stop smoking or lots of smoking.. it's in the eye of the beholder.. Helpfull?

This image was made by Mark van Laere during 2006 at Groningen - The Netherlands.
Some keywords to the image are sigarettes, butts, ash tray, ashes, stop, no, smoking, help

'Niet Roken 2'

Niet roken, stoppen met roken of veel roken.. net wat je er in ziet.. Helpt het?

Door: Mark van Laere, 2006 - Lokatie: Groningen - The Netherlands.
Keywords: sigaretten, peuken, asbak, as, stoppen, niet, roken, hulp.

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