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Wallpaper Flora & Fauna: "Happy Skeletons"

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'Happy Skeletons'

Several human foetus skeletons (Homo sapiens) on display at the museum of paleontology in Paris, France. They look quite content with their job.

This image was made by Mark van Laere during 2006 at Paris, France.
Some keywords to the image are Skeleton, skeletons, skulls, skull, foetus, human, paleontology, smile, teeth, homo, sapiens.

'Vrolijke Skeletten'

Verschillende menselijke foetus skeletten (Homo sapiens) in de tentoonstelling van het paleontologie museum in Parijs. Ze lijken het er naar hun zin te hebben.

Door: Mark van Laere, 2006 - Lokatie: Paris, France.
Keywords: Skelet, skeletten, schedel, schedels, foetus, menselijk, palontologie, grijns, tanden, homo, sapiens..

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