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Use of the images on this website

You are free to use the images on this site, as long as the use is personal and non-profit, the copyright notices are maintained and the image is presented in its original form.

Inclusion of wallpapers in other wallpaper websites is permitted as long as the copyright notices are maintained, no alteration is made to the image and a link to our website with the text "image by" is provided.

Using our images in your weblog

You are free to use our images as a background for your weblog, but please don't link to the image directly. This uses up a lot of traffic and costs us money. If you would like to use our images for a background, download it to your own webspace. Thank you!

You need a really great background but you don't have a webspace? Contact us. We can serve you with an image of your choice for a $ 1,- fee per year.

Commercial use of our images

Some of our images were used as book covers and magazine spreads. Are you interested in using our images in your publication? Most of them are available in high quality. Don't hesitate to contact us for a price and file.


We promise never to sell of give away your mailadress and other personal information to anyone, including the international spam-maffia unless ofcourse some important gouvernment hotshot forces us to.

Affiliate websites and third parties

We are very carefull in selecting the third parties presented on this website. Products offered here are endorsed by us because of good experience in the past.

Still, we are not responsable for the services, payment, shipment or warrenties of third partys presented on this site.

If you are having trouble with any of them, we would like to hear about it so we can make our services even better and give you the best the web has to offer.

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