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Hi there, lost reader. This is the send to post a message to us all.
A great way to insult our website or just to rant about your favorite subject... Have a go!

25-10-2008 ip logged
Breathtakingly refreshing pictures... Great Website too ! I have thoroughly enjoyed navigating through these pages. You guys have put in a lot of effort. Best of luck.
22-10-2008 ip logged
Your welcome!
Great to hear you like the stuff. Download as much as you like. Thanks for the compliments!
20-10-2008 ip logged
Hello. You have some great wallpapers on your site. I downloaded a few. Just wanted to say thanks.
10-8-2008 ip logged
Allways interested!
Hi Romansixx, We are allways interested in your images. Send us a few by email. Our adres is in the "about us" page. Great to hear from you.
7-8-2008 ip logged
Hey i make grunge wallpapers and was wonding if u were intrestined in putting some of them up here! only the ones u like of cource, and 100% free! cheers Romansixx
7-7-2008 ip logged
Cool Pictures!
Very very interesting angle shots - very inspiring!! Thanks for sharing and I will visit often. Best wishes to you all! (from HK & UK)
13-6-2008 ip logged
A little R&R ..
At the moment not much is going on with our website, but we hope to be adding a few more images and maybe even restyle the whole website. I'm sure all of you are bored with the current design as it has been here for ages.. Bye for now!
11-3-2008 ip logged
Bedankt, Toine, maar je zal me toch eens uit moeten leggen wat er amerikaans is aan mijn instellingen.. Jij bent anders ook goed bezig. Mijn favorieten waren de boomklever nummer 1 (prachtige actieve houding) en het zomerzachte fluitekruit. Tot schrijfs!
7-3-2008 ip logged
Toffe site
Toffe site man. Hartstikke leuke platen staan erop, zal hier zeker terug komen. Je fotografeert met een aparte instelling, op zijn Amerikaans. Maar je krijgt wel mooie platen. Groeten Toiner (
Toine van Stee
4-2-2008 ip logged
Finally.. more pictures
We found the time! New images from Hong Kong in the wallpaper section Hong Kong Stop-over. Enjoy!
21-12-2007 ip logged
Merry Xmas
Hi Everyone.. Wish you a great holiday and a wonderfull new year!
5-12-2007 ip logged
It was Groucho Marx who said: "Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a bananna." And on that note I would like to announce some new images from Australia an Hong Kong shortly. Keep 'em peeled. And also: Hi Allan! :)
4-11-2007 ip logged
Hey Mark Site looks real good, keep up the work and try not to wreck too many flower beds. A pox on the spammers
allan brown
11-9-2007 ip logged
Vette nieuwe platen!
2-8-2007 ip logged
Hi all!
Hello, hello to all the fans :) Thanks for all the compliments, visits and of course the advice .. We'll take it to heart and once we are done sitting here watching the pavement crack, we'll be sure to do something with them .. Until then, a few more pictures from accross the globe. Have a good summer!

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