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First and foremost this is a place for photography, art and design. Our artists, photographers and columnists travel the world, hunting for interesting images and float around cyberspace to search for brainfood.

Most of what they come home with is showcased in the photo gallery or turned into wallpapers for your enjoyment both on your desktop. Some of it ends up as articles, columns or flash & video projects. The very best images are made available to you as posters and postcards. You can order them through our giftshop.

So have a look at all our stuff, check the photographs, posters and prints and free wallpapers and enjoy. Any comments or suggestions about the site are quite welcome. In fact it would be wonderfull if anyone would care to use the cursed guestbook for once!!!

And for the still somewhat confused non-dutch visitors:

HersenSpinsels (Dutch) - (Hersen = Brain | Spinsels = Fabrications)

1.Idle thoughts
2.Phantasms, Illusions, Fantasies
3.Concoctions, Fabrications

i.e. is a place to place the weird and unplaceable, the seen, either with the eyes or the mind.

Mark van Laere, Editor

The people of HersenSpinsels

Some professionally trained, some part-time and self educated photographers, designers, writers and web experts contribute some of their free time and best work. In return they get to tell the world they are part of our exquisite team and are alklowed to wear the wonderfull HersenSpinsels T-shirt. Today our website attracts hundreds of visitors a day and that number is rising every month.

All this, of course would not be possible without you, the visitor! You are the one that accounts for the success and drive of the contributors to this project. We wish to thank you for keeping alive and giving us our daily reward just by browsing our pages. Also, we appreciate it immensely if you share your thoughts with us. Have any comments or suggestions? Please contact us and let us know. is your website!

Introducing the contributors

Mark van Laere
Editor, photographer and self proclaimed artist

He likes to travel in style, sleep late in the king sized bed and fiddles around with Photoshop after midnight. See the camera at his hip? He just took your picture...

Mark mostly uses a scratched and dented Canon 20D SLR. Sometimes he puts his Olympus 1030 SW in places you woudn't.


Arne Hofkamp
Photographer and world traveler

He finds joy in eating ants and roots for lunch, not washing for weeks and would rather not come home at all. When he does, his camera's are full with images nobody will buy.

Arne mostly uses his Nikon Digital SLR in a way not advised in the manual.

Fausta Geelhoed
Photographer and hairsplitter

She is the adventurous one. She makes a point of never living more then a few years in a single country, loves the great outdoors and never misses an opportunity to capture a sunset or a well lit flower. If there is any spelling done correctly on this website, she is to blame.

Fausta uses both a conventional Canon 300 SLR and a brand new Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ28.

Other people known to have added to our website:

Andreas van Iterson (Artist), to blame for some great wallpapers.
Cees Blühm (Artist), added a stunning image.
Franklin Aapkes (Artist), added a sweat image.

De Sok, JAT, HR, Mitch (all of wich prefer to remain anonymous)

Would you like to contribute to HersenSpinsels?

Do you feel you have what is takes to contribute to this website? Got some really fantastic photographs or designs? Do you feel like writing a weekly or monthly column about traveling or photography or some other relevant subject?

We are looking for you. Get on board and share your work with the world! Contact us: You'll get to wear the exclusive HersenSpinsels T-Shirt!

Contact info and location

Bentismaheerd 204
9736 EL Groningen
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 50 311 5947 / local: 050 311 59 47

Commercial use of our images

Some of our images were used as book covers and magazine spreads. Are you interested in using our images in your publication? Most of them are available in high quality. Don't hesitate to contact us for a price and file.

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